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Dương444 Dương444 9 days ago

True KR Alliance

True KR Alliance is a alliance to against People Republic of Asgore Combo and Asgore Combo Communist Party (ACCP). This Alliance deals with security, military and economy of all member states. There are 2 country in True KR Alliance.

Country: Indochinese Socialist Republic, The United States of Overwrite.

Member: Dương444, DIsbelifphase3.

Goal: Defend the world from Asgore Combo Communist Party (ACCP).

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Lord sinester Lord sinester 11 days ago

sussy amogus at 3am

one day amogus wants to kill me

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Undertale: Lost Chance Sans

My au again-

2888 Wins.

Appearance: It's just Classic Sans' appearance but he looks a little sad.

Cutscene: Here we are again, huh? ...Listen kid, I don't want to do this so can we just go back to where you kept sparing us? *Slash animation plays but Sans dodges* *sighs* I guess that won't happen again huh?

Dodges: 13. HP: 1

Appearance: Same as Phase 1 but he looks tired and sad.

Cutscene: Hey, kid...Can we stop now...I'm getting tired...*Slash animation plays but Sans manages to dodge*...Fine then, I guess we'll keep going

Dodges: 16. HP: 1

Appearance: Same as previous except he has a slash on his chest and is mad.

Cutscene: I'll give you chance kid, ok? *Shows the spare button getting pressed* Heh, I knew you were good-*Sans gets slashed* I...You ac…

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Gunner Rat Gunner Rat 11 May

ADHD Underswap Sans (April Fools)

This is Underswap Sans, but on one day, he mistook Papyrus' honey with mustard. Now he is all crazy for sugars, uncontrollable.

Before the fight starts, Sans appear, twitching and yell:


And the fight begins:

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Gunner Rat Gunner Rat 10 May

Underverse Swap Sans

"this content has been deleted by the blog creator"

Note: I deleted this idea because it sounds a little dumb

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FDY Dust!Sans Phase 3 (Fanmade)

This is my fanmade phase for a character

  • 1 Appearance
  • 2 Cutscene & Dodges/Health
  • 3 Moveset
  • 4 Death Scene

He looks just like FDY Dust Sans Phase 2 except he has 1 of his hands up with a trident in it that flips up and down. His eyes are also both red and purple.

Heh, seems I have failed yet again. I just wanted to keep everone safe...But I still failed them...I'm sorry, Papyrus....*Starts fading but then comes back* No..NO...NO! I WON'T LOSE TO YOU. I will kill you and erase you from this world. If that fails...*Blocks the entrance and exit of the hall with purple bones* Then I'm taking you down with me.

It's survival.

Even with all of that...I still lost...Heh...If you remember what I said before we started fighting. I said I was taking you down with me…

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Gunner Rat Gunner Rat 7 May

Catastrophe Fell Sans

"insert description"

Phase 2 cutscene

Sans got a slash on his chest

He stands there for a while then says

"Look like I'm about to die"

"And if I am to die"

"I will drag you with me"

"I will destroy the entire Underground"

"because that's the only thing I can do now"

"before my very end"

Phase 2 starts

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Dương444 Dương444 3 May

Really Bad Time Sans’s Story

After 15 genocide route, Sans was insane by seeing Frisk/The Player killing everyone he love again and again, he had a thought that he would kill every monsters including Papyrus to gain LV and end the human once and for all. He did it, but failed. Then in 35th genocide route, he had an idea, he knew that the player had an avatar (Frisk) to control them and he needed to cut the connection between The player and avatar. So he created a new Power that allow him to do that. It need 6 human souls, determination from The DT Extraction Machine and took him 100 genocide route to make, and that was True KR. In 136th genocide route, Sans was ready to face the Player and cut the connection between The Player and Frisk, this is his last chance. And he…

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Dương444 Dương444 3 May

Rainbow Satan's social credit system.

Rainbow Satan's social credit system is a system made by leaders in People Republic of Asgore Combo and ACCP (Asgore Combo Communist Party) to secure their citizen from their behaviour and against The United State of Overwrite.

National Anthem: Red Sun In The Sky

Member: DisbeliefOmega, Mssussyman

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Gunner Rat Gunner Rat 2 May

True! Dust rework

True Dust is one of the two Fanon characters added to Judgement Day, the other being Really Bad Time.

Theoretical story from Gunner Rat (not the creator of this Sans): As genocide routes kept happening over and over, Sans decided he would be the one to kill everyone and get LV to fight the human. However, as he approached LV 19, the only one left is Papyrus. As Papyrus cried over all the dead monsters, Sans comforted him that he would be alright. But then, he heard the human's footstep approached Snowdin, he attacked Papyrus with a long bone from the ground. Witnessing his brother's death caused by himself, he became more and more wrecked, then a figure appeared behind him, granting him the power to travel through the multiverse. With a new…

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Wiki Sans Concept

Wiki Sans is an ominous, backlit depiction of Sans created by paintedhen on Twitter, based on various graphical glitches that have been observed in images on the Undertale Wiki.

Music: Grasping Awareness by solunary

Wiki Sans appears as a silhouette of the original Sans with a warm orange backlight. He has white eyes with small black pupils, and unlike the original Sans, his jaw separates into two distinct rows of teeth.



"You hav3n't thought about anyone have you."

Wiki!Sans jaw unhinges


The fight starts

W.I.P, will finish later.

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DisbeliefOmega DisbeliefOmega 6 April

The J moveset

In this phase the J will spawn in creating a huge explosion

J : Well that was dissapointing I thought Goku was going to be harder than that

Oh? Seems like some weaklings are here

Guess I gotta delete your existence

Then the fight starts

15 dodges and INFINITY hp (2000 hp)

Requirements: The April fools badge and the J event.

Passive : True KR and becomes rapidly more powerful over time

J blaster : A huge orange blaster circle fires at the chara team one each.

J Zone: Summons a huge bone zone with platforms that instakills.

J's crew : Summons the UJD wiki and dev team to all use their special attacks 

Error 404 Head: Swings around the dead head of Error 404 dealing epic damage

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Zeeveemc Zeeveemc 6 March


this page is to test and showcase templates.

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DisbeliefPap DisbeliefPap 17 February

Flowerfell Sans Moveset

Upon entering the stage Sans will be talking to the flowers

"Don't worry I'm sure they will come back"

".... I think"

Then he turns around to the Chara team.


"Sorry didn't see you there"

"Do you want to sit with the flowers"

"....What's that look on your face"

He then dodges an oncoming slash

"Oh, I guess that is how you want it"

"Sorry Frisk, I don't think I can keep a promise"

Then the fight starts

Music: Flowerfell Megalovania. 700 wins. Passive: KR. 15 dodges and 20 hp


Quadruple Blaster: Summons 4 Fell Blasters with four eyes that is shoots a red beam, doing high damage.

Omega Blaster: Summons a huge Fell Blasters that shoots a Wide beam doing Great damage

Flower Pellets: Summons Golden Flowers that shoot pellets. 5 Golden Flowers, each…

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Zeeveemc Zeeveemc 1 February

testing grounds

welcome to hell Fetal Bone

do whatever you want here lemoa

you can test page edits here without the risk of destroying an entire page accidentally

commenting is off because test.

just dont delete the whole page but do delete comments those things suck.

Shrek wants you to get out of his swamp. You realize you have traveled back in time to where dead memes are still alive. What do you do?


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DisbeliefPap DisbeliefPap 29 January

MegaCharizardZ42 moveset

  • 1 At the beginning of the stage MegaCharizardZ42 will say, "Wait a minute, you guys look like Slenders." "ELIMINATE ALL SLENDERS." Then the battle starts. Music: Oof Megalovania. Phase: The Bacon of Justice.
  • 2 Phase 2: Bacon spamming powers go brrr.
  • 3 Phase 2.5 Toby gonna give you up and let you down.
  • 4 Phase 3: BACINATION of the true Bacon.
    • 4.1 Death Scene:

Wins: 5,000 wins and Reset (Badge). Hp: 15 dodges and 2022 Hp. Passive: Sus (Basically KR that can deny Kindness) Attacks:

Blaster Man Brings in every single Blaster from in game with a lower win amount than him doing INSANE damage.(Win cost Of Badge counts.) 40 sec CD

I like yo cut G: Teleports to a player clicked on, then slaps their hair, yeeting them and instakilling them. One use.


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Moy36003 Moy36003 16 December 2021

Hardmode! Sans FDY

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24SansUnderman 24SansUnderman 29 January 2021

Spooky Month

Haha spooky go brrr.

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