Undertale: Judgement Day (Roblox) Wiki

Cross! Sans is an ordinary Sans in an AU that follows a different story from Undertale. His soul is mixed with X-Chara giving him powers that an ordinary Sans wouldn't have.

Music: Cross Theme

Map: Underswap Pacifist city


Phase 1

Before the battle begins, Cross! Sans says, "I must continue the job."

Attacks Information Cool Down Special Effects
X-Blades Big white blades with red outlining appear over the Sans and go where he clicked. Doing big damage. 6 Second Bleed Damage (Gives KR like damage)
X-Event A thin red glowing x appears at the bottom of the Sans. After awhile red glowing squares and rectangles come up. If somebody touches those shapes it will deal Good damage. 27 Seconds None
Cross Bone Glowing red and white bones appear above the Sans and go wherever the Sans is facing. Doing good damage. 4 Seconds KR
X-Blaster A big Gaster Blaster appears with red and white spots around it shooting wherever the Sans clicked Doing very big damage. 6 Seconds KR
Soul Grab Everybody cannot move for a short time period (Any attack can be used while this is happening) 15 Seconds Said in information
Bonezone A red square appears wherever the Sans clicked. After a few seconds red, white and yellow glowing bones will rise up in it dealing medium damage 5 Seconds KR

Parry Animation

Every time you hit Sans he will swing his blade to parry your attack.

Phase 2 (2,300 Wins Required)

Cross! Sans will fade to dust after his health and dodges are out (will count as a win for the Chara Team if don't have win requirement for other phase). Then X-Chara will say, "Oh boy, somebodies made a big mistake." As Cross! Sans's and X-Chara's souls appear. Cross! Sans's soul is separated and X-Chara's soul is mixed with another half of the Determination Soul. Then a ray of light will appear (will not do any damage) and in it X-Chara will appear too. Then, they will say,"Thank you for waking me up." As they are done talking, music plays and the fight begins.

Music: Overwrite

Attacks Information Cool Down Special Effects
ACT_ERASE Teleports the nearest player to the Chara. When the player is teleported to the Chara, he will stick out their knife as the person floats and slowly gets erased killing them instantly. While they are being erased white squares and rectangles can be seen. Can only be used once Bypasses Determination Soul and Reset Soul
REALITY_OVERWRITE Chara plunges their knife in the ground as the entire map fades away with the ground turning into glowing pink and the sides into pitch black. When the move is done Chara takes out their knife. During the time between the knife plunge and removal, he is invincible. Can only be used once Said in information
ATTACK_OVERWRITE Everyone's screens will go dark for a second before knifes appearing over the Chara and going wherever the Chara clicked DOING 50 PER FRAME OF CONTACT FOR EACH KNIFE 9 Seconds Bleed (Gives KR like effect except can kill you and bar is red)
TIMELINE_OVERWRITE White glowing squares and rectangles come out the ground and rise up. If anybody touches a white shape they will take damage Very long cool down (Unknown) None
Shockwave Chara swings his knife up and plunges it into the ground creating a giant purple AoE which spreads sending shock waves around it then finally going away. When move is done Chara takes his knife out of the ground. During the time between the knife plunge and removal, he is invincible. 13 Seconds Said in information
Overwrite Blades Very similar to the overwrite blades except no screens going back and less knives, blades appear over the Chara and go wherever the player controlling the character clicked 3 Seconds Bleed (Gives KR like effect but bar is red and can kill you)

Death Cutscene

This will happen once health and dodges are out. Nothing happens nor does Chara's appearance change, but he stays still and says, "Spend your last days remembering what you once lived, Player." then the Chara Team wins.


Attacks Information Cool Down Special Effects
X-Event A large X appears on the ground where the Sans clicked, when it is no longer transparent, red lasers come up in the form of an X then disappear after some time 25 Seconds None
X-Slice Teleports the Sans forward wherever he is facing, if anyone was in the path he teleported they would get damaged (Shows white X's to those who get damaged and stunned) 15 Seconds None
X-Blaster A big Gaster Blaster appears shooting a big red beam wherever the Sans clicked 8 Seconds KR
Hack Knife The Sans will teleport to a random opponent and take control of them for a limited time making them chase after team members trying to damage them. Will wear off after some time Can only be used once White Xs appear on the screen of whoever is being controlled
X-Bones Bones appear from the ground in a huge X formation wherever the Sans clicked 14 Seconds None
Cross Knife If equipped, the Sans holds a big red knife. If swung, it releases a red X wherever he swung the weapon 3 Seconds None