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This content can only be obtained with Robux.

Evolution Geno! Sans is a version of Geno! Sans. This is a gamepass that costs Bobux.png400. This gamepass features evolutions as you kill people. It has a system called "Broken Code". Broken Code is what allows you to evolve each time you get a kill. 1-7 Broken Code is earned per kill. Not to be mistaken for Really Bad Time Sans, Geno! Sans, Error! Sans or Fatal! Error. The evolutions are listed below.

Bad Time Sans

Bad Time Sans is when the Sans injects himself with determination in order to hijack the resets.

You have a bar that says DT (Determination). You start with 60 determination. You use determination in every attack you use, as well as when you get hit. The more you use, the weaker attacks get.

Tip : Go after the weakest combo and use Quad Blaster as your first attack

'You feel like you're gonna have a bad time'

Music: Megalovania

Attacks Information Cool Down Special Effects
Bone Field A big red square appears on the ground then bones come up in random places within it That does Low damage. 12 Seconds KR
Bone Spin A bone appears and instantly starts spinning wherever the Sans clicked Does Good damage. 11 Seconds KR
Bone Throw Bones appear and go all at once in the direction of wherever the Sans is facing Does Low damage. 6 Seconds KR
Force Sends every player on the Chara Team away from the Sans doing 1 damage 17 Seconds Doesn't use any DT
Gaster Blasters 2 Gaster Blasters appear and shoot very fast white beams wherever the Sans clicked doing Big damage 6 Seconds KR
Quad Blasters 4 Gaster Blasters appear and shoot in a + formation in the place the Sans clicked Doing Big damage. 8 Seconds KR

Geno! Sans

Geno is a Sans who nearly died in a Genocide timeline. He lives in the save screen with the original Frisk, while Chara controls their body. Geno wants to completely destroy the timelines, but as he only has a fraction of a soul, he tries to get other Sans' to do it. If they don't agree, then he will erase their minds and start over again. Recently, he stopped doing this so that the current Sans will remember all the resets and Genocide routes in the previous timelines in hopes to get him on his side.

Geno "survived" the Genocide timeline by injecting himself with determination and saving as he died, sending him to the save screen, held in a state between life and death. Geno lives in the Save Screen with Frisk and, if he leaves it, time would continue for him and he would turn to dust. However, he can travel to the anti-voids without risking death. (https://undertale-au-fanon.fandom.com/wiki/Sans/Aftertale#:~:text=Sans%20is%20a%20Sans%20from,attempt%20to%20hijack%20the%20resets.&text=It%20also%20happens%20after%20the,screen%20with%20the%20original%20Frisk.)

Music: Megalovania SharaX Remix

Attacks Information Cool Down Special Effects
Bone Field A white square appears on the ground then bones come up in random places 10 Seconds KR
Force Pushes players away from the Sans doing 1 damage 15 Seconds None
Gaster Blasters 2 Gaster Blasters appear on the right and left side of the Sans firing wherever he clicked 5 Seconds KR
Bone Throw A bunch of white glowing bones with sharp ends fly towards wherever the Sans clicked 6 Seconds KR
Bone Spinners White glowing spinning bones go out to each player coming back and forward, repeatedly targeting players (1 bone per person) 33 Seconds KR
Blaster Barrage 6 Gaster Blasters in a star formation shoot in the middle of where the Sans clicked 10 Seconds KR

Error! Sans

Geno did it. He was finally free from the Save-Screen, and he has finally gotten the ending he deserved. Yet during his time in the surface, he had began to play around with his DETERMINATION, despite Sans telling him to stop doing so. Finally, Geno accidentally sent himself to an empty and endless place where time was non-existent. He quickly began to grow insane, the emptiness and the loneliness eating up at his sanity and his anger towards everything (and everyone he had helped) shaped him into who he is now, his memory was erased during the process as well.

Now, he considers his life's mission to destroy anomalies, "Glitches" and AUs, seeing them as "mistakes".

Ironically, he does not view himself as an "anomaly". He likes to seek and destroy AU's left and right, except for the ones he likes such as OuterTale and UnderNovela. How he does it is that he first keeps Frisk and Flowey under guard, so they are unable to reset (he imprisons them). Then, he proceeds to go on a killing spree.

Error is a glitched skeleton that was created in the Anti-Void. He is the result of an alternate Geno! Sans playing with his DETERMINATION and sending himself to the Anti-Void, where he turned into Error.

Error is somewhat demented and psychotic. He is determined to find all anomalies and "glitches" within various timelines and destroy them. His character is the one of confusion and somewhat hypocritical behavior since he himself is an anomaly, but sees himself as the cleanser of timelines instead. He has been stated to be a complete mystery due to his erratic and unpredictable behaviors he has. He keeps "puppets" of his other alternate versions of selves that he talks to calling the standard Sans, called "Sans Classic" and naming the others by numbers. Despite admitting he is an anomaly/glitch, he says he is different and that he is the only one doing something about it. He wants to hunt down CORE! Frisk and the Omega Timeline. His real motives and behaviors are still a mystery. https://undertale-au-fanon.fandom.com/wiki/Sans/Errortale

Music: Electrostatic

Attacks Information Cool Down Special Effects
Error Bone Field A gray square appears wherever the Sans clicked then red bones appear in random places within it 11 Seconds KR
Bone Throw Sharp red bones fly towards wherever the Sans clicked 6 Seconds KR
Soul String Blue strings shoot in a straight toward each Chara at a very fast rate (1 string per Chara). Damage is scaled by 50 for every string per Chara 20 Seconds Has a small chance to disable soul abilities (More likely than Spider Web) + Ropeburn
Strings Blue strings freeze a person in one place for a few seconds Can only be used once per round None (Makes a Chara immobile for a few seconds)
Error Blasters Gaster Blasters appear at the top and sides of the Sans, shooting wherever he clicked 5 Seconds KR
Spider Web Strings come from the Sans and spread out toward wherever he clicked 12.9 Seconds Has a small chance to disable soul abilities + Ropeburn


If Soul String is used while the Charas are bunched up slightly, there's a good chance it'll hit at least one of the Charas. Also very useful for close combat, since there's not a lot of reaction time for the Charas.


Patience Soul: No heal

Justice Soul: No yellow bullet

Bravery Soul: No 25% more speed or DMG

FEAR Soul : No reflect

HATE Soul: No more DMG

Kindness Soul: Gives KR

Determination Soul: No 2nd life

Reset Soul: No soul abilities

OVERWRITE Soul: Unaffected

A Fatal Error Has Occurred

This happened when Geno! Sans was caught by his future self, Error! Sans. When trying to kill Geno! Sans, he starts to bug and then A̴̱̼̰̝͚͇̙̜̦͇͋͆͌̑͆̀̉́̈́̚ ̸̢̧͙̙̽͌̇̽̈̈̈́̈́̓͗͌͝͝F̶̡̹̤̟̎̇͋̌̾A̵̝͓̓̅̂̊Ṫ̶̼͕͓̺̎̽̄̅À̵͙͖̥̽͂̓Ĺ̷̥̀̋̑̈́̍̈́̊̚ ̶̜͕̪͖̣̝̙̱̐̾̈̉̈́̂͂̈́̋͜͠E̴̩̦̙̞̯̊̓̑R̴̡̨͇͈̭̈́̃͂̄̋̃̀̄̕͝ͅŔ̸̛̙̳̮̜̮̩̙͌̔̓̊̽̆̉̊̈́̔͘Ǒ̴͙̅̍́̾̓̽̇͑̕Ȓ̶̜̃͛̈́̾͠ ̸̰̟̮̝̳͉͓͙̜̫͔͓̔̂́̆̾̊̒̆͠͠͝Ǒ̶̤͗͗͝C̵̢̰̠͕͗̍̆̈́́̃C̶̯̫̖̍U̷̮̙̝͈̿̑͜͝Ŕ̵̩̺͇̭̱͓̟̎͝R̵̪̖̠͐̓͜ͅĔ̴̡̬̠̱̘͉̦͍̋̂̑ͅD̸̛͎͍̦́̀̒̄̎̈́̈́̓.̵̡͖̪̰̯̰͕̗̔͋̃͆͘ERRRRR888777KILLBUTNOWHYAHAHAHAAHAWUE

Music: Hello World

Attacks Information Cool Down Special Effects
Fatal Blaster 2 Gaster Blasters appear on the left and right side of the Sans and shoot wherever he clicked 5 Seconds KR
Glitch Gaster Blasters come in targeting players along with at least 1 spinning blaster (Gaster Blasters use the colour passives) 28 Seconds Has a passive where yellow mixes up controls, dark blue is really high damage, white puts errors on the charas screen, lime green does extreme damage too for attacks and red has a KR like effect but it never wears off
Fatal Bones Red bones with sharp ends go wherever the Sans clicked 6 Seconds KR
Code Shredder Strings come from the Sans and go wherever he clicked 15 Seconds Has a 20% chance to disable soul abilities
Portal Summons portals in front of every player. If they go into it they will teleport to a random place of the map 10 Seconds None
Copy Summons 1 red doll per Chara Team member. This doll will walk at the same speed as the Chara. 53 Seconds If the copy is hit by one of Fatals attacks, the Chara it is chasing will also take damage. Does no damage itself
Code Sew If a player is touching or the Sans touches the player, the Sans will make them hp 10, lower their speed, and give them a weapon called "broken code" that has a long cooldown and will rarely hit. Can only be used once per round If somebody has the Determination Soul/Reset Soul, they will still have 10 hp in their next life. Since the Asgore combo has 1 life, it will stay that way.

Many of these attacks are later reused by Virus 404.

Death Cutscene

Death Cutscene is when the Sans runs out of dodges. This is arguably an escape cutscene, not a death, but is still counted as a win for the Chara Team. Sans flees into a portal.

Commonly Asked Questions

Broken code saves when you reset along with dust.

You can grind for broken code/dust in vip servers.

The Geno! gamepass levels slightly faster than Dust, until Flowey/Gaster at Judgement Hall Dust.