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In the canon game of Pacifist! Sans, he says he needs to fight you at least once to keep his job. However, instead of actually fighting you he will send a bone on the ground that moves very slow. If you choose to fight, instead you will hit his ketchup and tricks you that you hurt him. If you choose to spare, the fight will end and you and Sans plan to go to Grillbys (Same for fight option)(He will keep using the slow bone until you pick any of those options). While going to Grillbys you end up in a place with a door on the side. You refuse to come with Sans and go in the door. In the door you meet Gaster, who you end up battling with. While fighting Gaster, Sans comes in and uses Gaster Blasters to Get rid of Gaster or kill him (It is unknown for sure if Gaster died). Not to be mistaken for Tears In The Rain.

Music: Song That Might Play When You Fight Sans by Toby Fox

If you do not have the badge, this is the only fight in the game where the sans is spared (although it is still counted as a win for the chara team.

At the beginning of the fight, he says, "here we go."

Attacks Information Cool Down Special Effects
Bone Throw
5 bones appear and go wherever the Sans is facing doing 3 damage per hit
5 Seconds None
A pile of bones appear from the ground  with a red square warning the attack wherever the Sans clicked doing 4 damage per hit
7 Seconds None
Bone Wall
A line of bones come out of the ground and go in front of wherever the Sans is facing, which do 4 damage per hit
7 Seconds None
Sends every player away from the Sans. No damage
15 Seconds None

Dodge Animation

Sans moves to the right then where he was before to avoid an attack. Does the same for phase 2.

Idle Animation

He moves his body to the right then to his left slowly if he stays still.


  • He has bad dodge
  • He deals little damage and require a lot of skills just to defeat newbies

Phase 2

EMPTYSOUL.png *you're late to the party, kiddo

This content is from a past event and is currently unobtainable.

Phase 2 is obtained by obtaining No Mercy (Badge). When this phase activates, he says "well that was exciting." "good job kiddo, let's stop right here." However, he will get hit multiple times whether you actually hit him or not. After being hit his eyes disappear as he says "heh, did you really think it would be that easy?" " this isn't your world kiddo, it's mine." "i think you only ended up here through some bad joke." "so, now i gotta handle you." "no more joking around." "it's time for you to have a bad time..." then screens fade back to normal. However, Sans has no eyes along with a blue aura around him. Music: Tears in the Rain by imAlter

Attacks Information Cooldown Special Effect
Ketchup When equipped, Sans holds a ketchup bottle. If used, Sans drinks the ketchup bottle regaining 3 dodges 33 Seconds Said in info
Bonezone A red square appears wherever the Sans clicked then bones proceed to rise up in it
2 Seconds KR
Bone Throw Bones appear behind the Sans and go wherever he was facing. It repeats this two times quickly
5 Seconds KR
Dog Nuke A dog appears above the ground wherever the Sans clicked slowly floating towards the ground. When the dog touches the ground it sends shock waves before creating a big explosion
102 Seconds None
Gaster Blaster A white creature with white eyes appears and shoots a beam wherever the Sans clicked
5 Seconds KR
Dying World This move can be used under 10 dodges or less. The sides and front of Snowdin disappear as the health of players change to 249. Players with less than 249HP will get 1 MAX HP less (e.g. if the player has 100 MAX HP they will have 99 MAX HP) Can only be used once Said in info
Whoopee Cushion Sans drops a whoopee cushion in front of him. Whoever steps on it will be slowed down PERMANENTLY
16 Seconds Said in info

Idle Animation

Sans moves his upper body up and down if he stays still.


  • Bone zone and bone throw are very hard to hit
  • Dog nuke need to be used near the middle of the map to gain effectiveness
  • You need to time correctly with Ketchup to use it effectively

"Death" Cutscene

When all the dodges are out for phase 2, Sans stays still as he says, "heh, you really like swinging that thing around don't you?" "well, i'm sure you have better things to do than this." "you've got more to worry about than this timeline anyways, don't you?" "yeh, get out of here, you are not welcome." then the round ends.

fact: you can use the fatal and stick combo to avoid the cushion effect

and use the bone zone on the nuclear dog to activate it earlier