Undertale: Judgement Day (Roblox) Wiki

To use abilities, press R (PC), LT(XBOX), or tap the soul (Mobile).

Patience combo

Patience Soul + Toy Knife + Faded Ribbon:(50 wins required).

Deals 100 damage.

Gives you 225 HP.

Grants the ability to use a 45⁰ string attack, which deals 100 damage and stays on the field for 3-4 seconds (the strings can possibly hit twice).

using strings while running and jumping makes you dash forward (yes this is real)

Health regenerates at 1-3HP per second when you're still.

walking after standing still for a while will increase walkspeed.

Justice combo

Justice Soul + Cowboy Hat + Empty Gun:(125 wins required)


gives you 350 HP

Gives you a meter called "bullets", which has a max ammo capacity of 6

regular attacks shoot a bullet that deals 100 damage and one dodge, costing a single bullet

pressing R reloads your gun, bringing it back to 6

attacking with 0 bullets attacks like normal


Screenshot 2021-01-05 at 9.02.42 AM.png *Another anomaly destroyed.

This content has been completely removed from the game and has zero trace of its existence left. This may be because it is a bug, a broken piece of content that has to be reworked, or a special case where none of these fit (such as Science Sans (NPC))

Makes your gun yellow.

Damage swaps between 70 and 100.

Regular attacks have a chance to shoot a bullet.

Integrity combo

Integrity Soul + Ballet Shoe + Dusty Tutu:(200 wins required)

Deals 175 damage.

Health increases to 500.

Ability spawns a platform under your feet when airborne.

Gives you an integrity sword.

Bravery combo

Bravery Soul+ Tough Glove + Manly Bandana:(250 wins required).

Deals 250 damage.

Gives you 425 HP.

Grants the ability to shoot a large fist-shaped projectile.

Melee attacks hit twice, taking away 2 dodges/ Blocks/ Parry's.

Fear combo

FEAR Soul + Betty scythe + Akumu:(400 wins required)

Deals 225-250 damage.

Gives you 666 HP.

Passive health regen (1-5 health per tick).

Akumu can block some attacks at random.

Ability spawns pink AoE that reflects Gaster Blasters and bones, and negates damage for attacks that cannot be reflected.

Christmas combo

EMPTYSOUL.png *you're late to the party, kiddo

This content is from a past event and is currently unobtainable.

Perseverance Soul + Candy Cane Sword:(500 wins + badge needed)

Deals 300 damage.

Ability spawns a minion to fight for you.

Hate combo

Hate Soul + Killer soul + Killer knife:(500 wins required)

Deals 275 damage.

Gives you 600 HP.

Ability lets you shoot a slash shaped projectile.

Health passively regenerates when under 50% HP at 2 hp a second.

Increases speed.

Speed and damage increase when under 50% HP.

Kindness combo

Kindness Soul + Pan + Stained Apron:(600 wins required)

Attack increases to 100.

Gives you 700HP.

Regenerate 1 - 4 hp per second.

Nearby players receive this Regen and debuffs are removed.

Ability spawns an unmovable dome. Chara'a standing in the dome will be immune to most attacks. Some attacks can't be blocked.

Blocks True KR which is not possible with the Kindness Soul by itself.

Undyne combo

Kindness Soul + spear + UndyneArmor:(600 wins required)

HP is increased to 700.

Deals 220 damage (Default spear damage).

Player movement is slightly slowed.

The ability shoots a fast moving slash shaped projectile that, if it hits the sans, immobilizes.

Kindness soul negates karma and other debuffs.

You regen 2 health a second and damage taken is reduced.

Spear also increases attack range.

Determination Combo

Determination Soul + Stick + Bandage:(1000 wins required)


350 damage.

Speed and jump height are greatly increased as long as the weapon is in hand.

Insanity combo

EMPTYSOUL.png *you're late to the party, kiddo

This content is from a past event and is currently unobtainable.

Determination Soul + Papyrus head:(1000 wins + badge needed)

Deals 350 damage.

Gives 777 HP.

Melee attacks have a chance to throw the head, which pushes the sans away, then teleports you to it afterwards.

Makes you really fast.

Cross Combo

Determination Soul + CC Knife + Chara Locket:(1000 wins required)

Deals 275 damage.

Gives you 555 HP. Slightly increased speed and jump height.

Gives different walking animation.

Fatal combo

Fatal Bone + Determination Soul + Error 404 Jacket:(1900 wins required)

HP, Speed, Jump Height, Attack cooldown, Damage, and Crit damage (fatal bones extra damage effect) are all randomized. HP is randomized between 751 to 1000

Fatal glitches appear all over the body instead of just the weapon. (purely cosmetic)

Attacking will give a random effect (same as Fatal Bone, effects are listed there)

The Determination Soul will still give you second life.

Jumping too often will result in tiny jumps.

Will give small heals at random times.

Will occasionally block KR attacks.

Might Potion does not work.


OVERWRITE Soul + CC Knife + Chara Locket:(4000 wins required)

Gives you 800 HP

Deals 325 damage (500 damage if Capped)

Triples soul power regen speed.

Slightly higher walk speed

Gives different walking animation.

Six Souls Combo

Reset Soul + Trident + Asgore armor + 4000 wins (6000 total if you count wins needed to obtain Reset (Badge))

gives 1500 HP

increases speed and jump height dramatically

different walking animation

has a soul attached to you that changes colors (purely cosmetic)

has flowey attached to your back (purely cosmetic)

deals 200 damage (same as trident)

A yellow ball deals 2 misses (can deal 4 if might is used)

longer attack range (same as trident)

spawns green pellets randomly that can heal any Chara Team member.10% of max hp.

heals 1-5 hp per second even if moving

abilities of all souls except Overwrite, Fear, Hate, and Determination.

SwapKnife Combo

SwapKnife + Heart Locket + Determination Soul + 2500 Wins

Gives you 500 HP

Deals 150 damage

A slash deals 100 damage.(This slash will grow bigger the more times you get Determination passive)

Gain a passive called "Determination" which gives a passive 1% heal and increases your max health by 50, your melee damage by 25 (First 3 are 75) and your slash size every 30 seconds. You automatically heal 1% of your hp every second. Taking any form of KR will completely stop the healing. Decay will not stop the healing so you should not worry if you are fighting reaper or death.(Your healing will 99% of the time outpace decay)

Max stats:

  • Speed: 32.
  • Jump: 72.
  • Damage: 400.

Last Breath Combo

Dustdust in the lobby.png *He seems to be sleeping...

This content has not been added to the game yet, but will in the future.

This is what the combo would look like…

Gaster would be behind you, the animation is like the fatal combo but with a white bone


The minion can not be stopped in Epic! Sans time stop or Nightmare! Sans Time stop.

The candy minion can only attack the PLAYER instead of the partners, so the minion is useless in survival based enemies, such as Bad Time Trio and Murder Time Trio.

The candy minion isn't affected by the force.

The candy minion can't get auto aimed by blasters

Does 150 damage, dealing half as yours.

Has 150 HP.

Minions gain the buffs of active potions. e.g:

Speed = Speeds the minion up

Holy = Makes the Minion immortal for 30 seconds

Health = Spawns them for 1 minute instead of 30 seconds (You can have 2 in the field at once while using this)

Might = Buffs the damage of the Minion

The minion can't be damaged by blue attacks, however orange attacks can damage it.

Screenshot 2021-01-05 at 9.35.50 AM.png *A Fatal Error Has Occurred*

This content was not intended to be in the game, and will be removed in the future.

This bug can happen when the minion goes in to Evolution Geno! Sans (Gamepass) Fatal Error portal causing it to go in an incredible speed