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EMPTYSOUL.png *you're late to the party, kiddo

This content is from a past event and is currently unobtainable.

Science Sans For Wiki Version.png All in the name of science!

This is an NPC (Non Player Character). It cannot be played as.

Screenshot 2021-01-05 at 9.02.42 AM.png *Another anomaly destroyed.

This content has been completely removed from the game and has zero trace of its existence left. This may be because it is a bug, a broken piece of content that has to be reworked, or a special case where none of these fit (such as Science Sans (NPC))

Not to be Mistaken for Sudden Changes! Sans. This is the Sans that you would need to talk to in order to obtain the mug. He would ask you to find a Mug (Event). After you find the Mug (Event) and fill it with coffee, talk to him and you should obtain the SuddenChanges Badge. If you take the quest, he says, "Hey kiddo,if you get me some coffee, i'll give you something special, just find a mug and fill it up with coffee for me alright? thanks." If you complete the quest he says,"Thanks kiddo, i'll help you out from time to time." And gives you the SuddenChanges Badge.