Undertale: Judgement Day (Roblox) Wiki

Not to be mistaken for Error! Sans or Underverse! Error (NPC).

Underverse! Error sans is from the fan made series Underverse. in it, he is seen fighting Underverse Ink

Music: Mismatch

Attacks Information Cooldown Special Effects Damage
Blaster Slam A blaster comes down from a certain distance in front of the Sans wherever he clicked, after landing on the ground it slowly opens its mouth while slowly getting heated up and it creates a huge explosion. 33 Second Cooldown None Big-Very Big Damage
Error Blasters Shoots 3 auto aim blasters for each player. (Note: currently bugged, does no damage.) 5 Second Cooldown KR Very big damage (currently none)
Puppets Summons Fell, Swap and Sans that do their moves Gaster Blaster, Bone Zone and Wave on the closest player. Can be used three times KR Very Big Damage
Strings Summons strings all over the map, when touched it will slow players down. 30 Second Cooldown Slow Down Medium Damage
Blaster Destruction The player with the most wins (will sometimes pick another player) is lifted into the ceiling and gets insta-killed. Can only be used once (Can be used when there is 2+ players) Bypasses Determination Soul and Reset Soul second lives Instakill Damage
Bone Rain A bunch of Error bones from from the sky with strings attached, summons mini explosions when hitting ground. 27 Second Cooldown KR Good Damage
Bone Barrage A bunch of Error bones get thrown where UV Error's looking at, with strings attached. 9 Second Cooldown KR Big Damage