Undertale: Judgement Day (Roblox) Wiki

Phase 1: The Flowers in the Moonlight

Upon entering the stage Sans will be talking to the flowers

"Don't worry I'm sure they will come back"

".... I think"

Then he turns around to the Chara team.


"Sorry didn't see you there"

"Do you want to sit with the flowers"

"....What's that look on your face"

He then dodges an oncoming slash

"Oh, I guess that is how you want it"

"Sorry Frisk, I don't think I can keep a promise"

Then the fight starts

Music: Flowerfell Megalovania. 700 wins. Passive: KR. 15 dodges and 20 hp


Quadruple Blaster: Summons 4 Fell Blasters with four eyes that is shoots a red beam, doing high damage.

Omega Blaster: Summons a huge Fell Blasters that shoots a Wide beam doing Great damage

Flower Pellets: Summons Golden Flowers that shoot pellets. 5 Golden Flowers, each shoot 10 pellets. Does good damage.

Fell Bones: Summons Red, Orange, and Blue bones, does good damage.

Suprise Blasters: Summons auto aim Blasters 5 times for each Chara, does Great damage.

Fell Force: Forces away the Chara team. dealing 1 damage.

Phase 2: True Fell Persona 1150 wins

At this point Sans will take 21 damage

*Eyes fade* What....How.....Why......Just why. He will then dust unless you have 1150 wins, If you do then he will say this

.......NO.......I can't die...... I REFUSE TO DIE, FOR EVERYONE I CARE ABOUT, *He then activates his power Eye* FOR FRISK

The fight is a survival based one it lasts for 1 min and 30 sec.

Music: ROCK of Tears in the rain (Classic Take).

All of is attacks are buffed versions of his first attacks but he has some new ones

Blaster Circle: Summons a fast circle of blasters that does Epic damage

Bone Stab: Teleports to the nearest player and stabs them, dealing half of their hp.

Special Attack: Summons Targeting Blaster at the opponets for the rest of the time for each chara alive.