Undertale: Judgement Day (Roblox) Wiki

At the beginning of the stage MegaCharizardZ42 will say, "Wait a minute, you guys look like Slenders." "ELIMINATE ALL SLENDERS." Then the battle starts. Music: Oof Megalovania. Phase: The Bacon of Justice.

Wins: 5,000 wins and Reset (Badge). Hp: 15 dodges and 2022 Hp. Passive: Sus (Basically KR that can deny Kindness) Attacks:

Blaster Man Brings in every single Blaster from in game with a lower win amount than him doing INSANE damage.(Win cost Of Badge counts.) 40 sec CD

I like yo cut G: Teleports to a player clicked on, then slaps their hair, yeeting them and instakilling them. One use.

UNO REVERSE CARD: Steals a player's weapon and item. The enemy then uses their legs which have a 75% chance to miss. Mega can use both weapon and item. One use.

Spinning bacon: Summons a line of bacons that spin dealing neat damage. 5 sec cooldown.

OOF Blaster: summons 3 horizontal noob blasters that shoot beams. Deals high damage. 3 sec cooldown

Yeet: Throws all players knocking them back dealing 20 damage, 20 sec cooldown.

Eggman: Messes up people's screen with Eggman jumpscare.

Bullet Kill: Summons a huge amount of bullets and shoots them past him. 4 sec cooldown.

AK-47: Summons a gun to where he can shoot at opponets dealing mediocre damage. No cooldown

Phase 2: Bacon spamming powers go brrr.

In this phase, before the battle begins Mega says,

"Slender, YOU MUST DIE

BY Stepping on a LEGO

So eat LEGO"

HP: 10 dodges and 2019 hp. Passive: Lego ( Never-ending SUS passive) Music: The Oof Continues

LEGO Zone: Spawns a ginourmous Zone of Lego, Dealing good damage. 1 sec cooldown

LAD: Summons LAD from Realistic Undertale That homes in on you and one shots. Can teleport on you. 1 use.

Lego Dualies: Shoots you with Lego Dualies, doing medicore damage. No cooldown.

Lego Blaster: Shoots Homing Lego Blaster doing Insane damage. 5 each person. 2 sec cooldown.

Lego wall: Summons a wall made of Legos. 6 sec cooldown.

Lego Yeet: Yeets a bunch of Legos at the opponent doing great damage. 3 sec cooldown.

Phase 2.5 Toby gonna give you up and let you down.

When down to 1 hp, Mega will start dancing and will start singing

Rick Astley -Never gonna give you up

The Toby slaps him in the face, saying"You can't sing that

You'll get this game sued

So instead sing this

Mega then starts singing Toby gonna give you up and let you down.

This phase lasts 30 seconds

Music: You know already.


Bark: Toby will bark dealing 900 damage. 10 second use.

Netherrealm: Toby will chase someone and send both of them to the Netherealm. Instakill and one use.

Phase 3: BACINATION of the true Bacon.

Before the phase 3 starts Mega will take 999,999,999 hp.

He will then say

Slender, That is it. EAT BACINATION.

He will drink Honey Mustard healing his hp to 20.

Then the fight starts

Music: The fight of a true oof.

Hp: 20 dodges and 20 hp

Attacks: He has all of his attacks from his first 2 phases with a few new ones.

MEW1234: Summons his buddy Mew who shoots Homing Blasters at you doing epic damage.

Bacon: Eats Bacon and regains all his dodges. 1 use.

Slice: Starts slashing with the sword of Bacon.

Final Attack: Drops a Tactical Toby on the Ground causing a huge explosion.

Death Scene:

Oof (dies and fall to pieces)

Chara team gets their win