Undertale: Judgement Day (Roblox) Wiki

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Game (1500 wins)

Phase 1 (16 dodges)
Attack Information Cooldown Special Effects
Bone Jump Giant bone lines short enough to jump over will be summoned at the end of the corridor, covers the width of corridor, deals GOOD damage 15 seconds KR
Catastrophe Blasters 2 Blasters by Sans side shoot at where the cursor is, while 2 blasters for each Chara are summoned from the sides of the corridor that shoot where the Chara was standing, dealing INSANE damage 8 seconds KR
Bone Floor The entire floor will summon bones that come up and down quickly for 3 times, dealing GODLY damage 20 seconds KR
Double Spinning Bones 2 bones are summoned at the center and swipe through the whole corridor, one goes clockwise and one goes anti-clockwise, dealing OK damage 8 seconds KR
Spinning Bone 3 spinning bone lines appear from one of 2 ends and go to the other end, dealing OK damage 20 seconds KR
Destructive Bone 1 big bone drop from the ceiling, deal GOOD AOE damage and makes the area descends 30 seconds Broken Skull (reduces speed by half, movement keys may change for 5 seconds)
Powerful Force Send all Charas to the ceiling, dealing 2 damage, all attacks now occur on the ceiling (only Sans remains on the floor) for 20 seconds Once In Information

Phase 2 cutscene

Sans got a slash on his chest

He stands there for a while then says

"Look like I'm about to die"

"And if I am to die"

"I will drag you with me"

"I will destroy the entire Underground"

"because that's the only thing I can do now"

"before my very end"

Phase 2 starts

Phase 2: Survival (100 seconds)
Attack Information Cooldown Special Effects
Blasters Circle Blasters appear in circle around where Sans click (although it can cover the entire corridor) and shoot quick burst of beam, dealing GODLY damage 30 seconds KR
Bone throw Bone appear from 2 ends, 2 sides, dealing BIG damage 18 seconds True KR
Bone Jump Same as phase 1, but appears on both ends, with orange walls accompanied them 15 seconds KR
Destruction Destructive Bones start to fall down, same with phase 1 (with way more bones), also summon 4 Tracking Blasters for every Chara Once Broken Skull, KR
Last Catastrophe After the first 40 seconds, this move is available. When used, bone rains down the corridor at fast pace, bringing down the ceiling, blasters start to shoot from the sky at random, then all bones that are still floating on the air explode into more bones, then the left side of corridor got tilted down by a Destructive Bone, now everyone will keep falling to the left side. Once KR
Last Blasters 5 blasters appear and shoot where the cursor is, dealing MASSIVE damage 8 seconds KR
Force Throw one random Chara and then throws a Big Bone, dealing GOOD damage 20 seconds Broken Skull, can't be dodged